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Sara at Petalburg
She walked into town and immediately headed to the building with the red roof, "Hopefully this is where they give free medical healing," I think I'll see Norman when I'm strong enough to beat him, I just know that I will. Didn't he say he had a child? She walked through the sliding glass doors seeing a woman with pink hair and a nurse's outfit.

"Excuse me ma'am I need you take my Pokemon and make them better." Sara placed the two poke balls on the counter, "I'm sort of in a hurry, I need to get to my first gym."

"Well if you need directions there is a map right over there, I will take care of your Pokemon in the meantime." She smiled brightly, and Sara thanked her.

She walked over to the map and looked it over, Rustboro huh, looks like I have to go through a forest... she looked at the map looking for a different route, I didn't like going through that forest the first time, but now crazy trainers wan to battle me randomly. She face palmed and sighed, "Why is Pokemon so complicated!?" She thought aloud. She went back to the counter, "Uh, are you done?"

"Indeed we are, please have a nice day!" She smiled again and said her departure cheerily.

"Uh you too, thanks I guess." She walked out and began walking to the forest. She decided that she would use the forest as a place to train, she had no idea what the first gym would be. She released both of her Pokemon, "I'm going to train you both at the same time, that is to say that we will fight two Pokemon at a time, this way I can use both of you evenly." She thought about the best way to go about fighting with two Pokemon at once, "Well I suppose Orrie is much more physical than you are Poliwag, so I think what we should do is make you support." She decided that no matter what she would win, at least enough to beat Norman then maybe she could go back to Orre and stop and Cipher.
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