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Originally Posted by TheLeetCasualGamer View Post
Am I the only one who actually kind of likes Vanilluxe along with the rest of the evo line? People seem to hate it just for being based off of Ice-cream but with the typing of ice, I'm actually surprised that it took Gamefreak this long to make an Ice-cream Pokemon. It's one of few pure ice types that actually have pretty nice over-all stats and a good enough move-pool to back it up. And it's actually very cute if you think about it. Besides, it's more like an icicle then actual ice-cream due to how it resembles a pointy ice, stalagtite.
I happen to love the Vanillite line as well, they are among my fave Ice-types and I love ice-cream not to mention they are soooooooooo cute!

Also, am I the only one who likes Elgyem and Beheeyem? I know Psychics are usually popular but these two just seem so underrated and overlooked compared to other Psychic-types. These guys really serve awesome roles on teams based around Trick Room. Also, I love their designs (I think aliens are so adorable) and their anime voices, and their in-game cries. I loved these two ever since I saw Marriland using one in his Pokemon White LP videos. I even have Elgyem on my claimed Pokemon list. They definitely need more love.
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