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    Love the walking dead signing up for this :3

    Name: Natasha Reddings

    Age: 18

    Gender: f


    She has a scar on her right arm.

    Natasha is a very tough an un-trusting girl. She's been on her own since the start of the infection and is a real fighter, she's more athletic than she is girly, though before the infection started, she was a girly girl, which is why the only surviving outfit she has includes a skirt. She knows how to take care of herself, and that's all she's doing. She doesn't want to be part of a group, in fact she will refuse to. She doesn't trust other people, due to one betrayal. Natasha isn't afraid to kill, or anything because she will do what she has to do to survive. To her if that means kill another living being in order to keep herself safe, then that's what she will do. Natasha rarely smiles anymore, she has nothing to be happy about after all, she's an orphan in a world infested with Zombies.

    When the infection started Natasha was a happy go lucky girly girl living in Fuscha City, she had three Pokemon, a Misdreavus, a Bonsly, and a Persian all of which she had caught in the Safari Zone. When the infection started, her Persian Felina died quickly, Natasha and her family were unaware that the infection would make Felina come back as a walker...but she did. Natasha was forced to watch as her beloved Persian killed both her parents and little brother. Scared and shocked, Natasha grabbed the fire poker from it's spot next to the fireplace and killed her now zombie Pokemon. Gathering her things together, what non-perishable food she could find, she made sure she had her other Pokemon and fled from Fuscha as fast and quietly as she could.

    As she was fleeing Natasha spotted a boy she knew from town. Jarrod Watkins, who was untying a boat from a dock. Upon spotting her he grabbed her arm and helped her in, saying they were going to Cinnabar Island he figured it might be safe there. Though several days later, when the two teens stopped to rest on one of the Seafoam Islands, Natasha was woken up when she heard the sound of her weapon scraping across the rock ground. Looking around she spotted Jarrod had taken the fire poker from her side and was prepared to kill her with it. When she asked him why, she was told that his plan all along had been to kill her for her Pokemon and Supplies. In her anger, she killed Jarrod without hesitating. Now, she's getting ready to get back in the boat, and continue on to Cinnabar Island.

    Senka (Misdreavus Female)

    Moves: Shadow Ball, Hex, Mean Look, Psybeam, Power Gem, Psywave

    Dimitri (Bonsly Male)

    Moves: Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Faint Attack, Rock Throw, Copycat, Mimic

    Opening Post:
    Natasha sighed looking up at the sky. it was early morning, so most of it was still black, and she could still see the moon and the stars. On the edge of the horizon, she could see the purple, orange, red and other colors of the sunrise just barely visible. With a sigh she glanced to her right at the body of Jarrod. The boy had been foolish in trying to betray her like that during the night, but she had no choice other than to kill him. She wasn't going to regret it.

    "That's the last time I trust someone" she muttered, promising herself she wasn't going to make the same mistake. From now on, she would be on her own, just her and her Pokemon. With another sigh Natasha stood from her spot seeing the sun starting to rise in the sky, it was time for her to head off. Picking up her blood stained fire poker Natasha put it through her belt to keep it near her side. Then she grabbed her bag, and the bag that had belonged to Jarrod previously and without another look at her former companion she walked away and towards the boat. "Time I get heading to Cinnabar Island, just because I'm not gonna trust anyone doesn't mean I'm not gonna go to a safe place" she said to herself as she dropped the two bags in the boat.

    Taking a breath the 18 year old girl brushed a piece of her black hair out of her face and started to push the boat from the shore towards the water. Soon enough the boat was in the water, the anchor down so it wouldn't float off before she could get in it. What she wasn't expecting was to feel something slimy wrap around her ankle and tug her into the water. Struggling Natasha managed to get her leg free and surface, pulling her weapon from her belt as she backed up and coughed up water. Before her was scourge Tentacool. "not today" Natasha coughed out and with a single swing, took out the Tentacool.

    "Time to get the heck out of here" she muttered dipping the fire poker in the water to clean it off before quickly getting in the boat cursing under her breath about now being soaking wet. Natasha lifted the anchor and started the engine sailing towards her destination.

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