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    Eli, Geoff & Isla - Route 102

    "Wait, where're you goin'?" Geoff asked. Lily didn't answer; she'd already run off. Almost about to spit out an expletive, Geoff shook his head and realized the albino-looking Surskit was his to have! (Of course, that was a horribly hollow victory since Lily just totally quit on him.)

    Sadly, he'd never have it. It managed to scurry away in Geoff's confusion.

    "Well," Eli started, "that sucks."

    "There goes your Surskit, huh?" Isla wondered.

    "Why do you think she left?"

    "No clue."

    "Maybe she's going to challenge the gym leader in Petalburg City."

    "Wouldn't fighting Norman right now be kind of a death wish?"

    "People like a challenge sometimes." Eli was decent evidence of that, failing to awaken the Burst Heart in her pocket many times before meeting Professor Birch. It's not like she's actually done it now, it's just that she hasn't tried since.

    "Who's Norman?" Geoff asked. Isla was the first to answer. All of a sudden, the lights of the universe all seemed to turn off at once, one only illuminating Isla from below as ghostly sounds started to fade in and out of Geoff's ears.

    "He comes from a world of endless darkness, where no trace of humanity exists. Should you dare enter his unholy, forsaken domain, you shall find yourself unable to escape with your sanity intact...."

    "I thought he came from Littleroot Town," Eli continued. And the lights were back on, though Geoff's legs were shivering while trying to look less scared.

    "Wasn't that what I said? Anyways, shall we get going? I don't feel like camping."

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