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Pseudo makes sense to me. Honestly I think it has the potential to be classed as a legendary and it certainly has the background (just watch the anime - it being captured almost breaks the Earth!), but I think it's stats are a tad too low for that, most legendaries tend to have over base 550. Although that's not the biggest issue; the biggest issue is that it's a readily available Pokémon. I know Larvesta aren't catchable in the wild, but I have no doubt that they will be in later generations just like with what happened to Eevee so a legendary Pokémon wouldn't be able to be caught so easily. And even if they don't make it a wild Pokémon in the future, the fact that it's breedable and every trainer gets one is more than enough to suggest it's not a legendary in my opinion. The idea of legendaries is that they're somewhat unique and incredibly rare, but if every trainer has countless numbers of them then I don't think that can really be the case :(
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