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I'd agree with Ozzy and say pseudo-legendary cos I think it has the potential but not the stats to break as a Legendary since as Ozzy mentioned, most Legendaries have a BST of 550 or more. Also, Volcarona is readily available in the game and even though you can't Larvesta other than through an egg I guess they might make it catchable in the wild in later generations and if that even doesn't happen, it is able to breed so therefore every person should be able to get one. The idea behind Legendaries is uniqueness and being rare and if Trainers had lots of them (*cough* Tobias *cough*) I don't think that would be the case.

However, Volcarona has loads of potential in battle. A combination of Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance and Fiery Dance can prove threatening to opponents that stand in its way.
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