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Originally Posted by SamuJake View Post
Quick question: Just finished the elite 4, (again, after defeating N) and I'm going to buy Pokemon Black/White 2 maybe around Christmas time. What can I still do in Black in the mean time? I'm not to keen on capturing every pokemon, but if it's the only thing left to do then I guess it will be ok ...
Well, you can explore Unova's eastern half, catching the available Pokemon along the way. That, and there's the Battle Subway. You can also rebattle the Elite 4 for a chance to battle with Alder, which you didn't get to do the first time around.
Originally Posted by servine101 View Post
is Pokemon B/W2 worth buying?
i mean can it be a "long term" game?
Yup, it is. It has improved features over the original like the Pokemon World Tournament and move tutors.