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    BURST Rogue of the Shadows


    Ugh... I'm starving... Dusk rummaged through the bush, but alas, no more berries. damn... Looks like it's off to town then... Stuffing his hands in his pockets he took his leave from the forest. "What a drag..." Town was the last place he'd wanted to go. It looked like berries were out of the question, so what choice did he have? As he walked he felt that precious gem in his pocket bump his hand. Digging it out he held it up in the sunlight, gazing into it for a few moments.


    Dusk felt bitter cold winds glide across his face, carrying small flakes of snow as they fell to the ground. Each footstep made a slight crunching sound. This sound was fairly quiet however, as Dusk (due to a mixture of being extremely lightweight from how little he eats, and the fact that he's trained himself to make little-to-no sound) was very light on his feet. A bit of snow landed on his nose, but he did nothing to wipe it off. He lifted his head slightly as he listened in on another, faster set of footsteps. They were approaching behind him, but he did not stray from his path. Soon the footsteps were following beside him. Dusk stopped, kneeling down and resting his hand between the Poochyena's ears, petting him gently. "Do you remember my promise?" The Poochyena sat down, tail flicking back and forth, barking a few times. "Yes... I'll never let anyone take you from me... I wear it on my life." Dusk blinked his eyes, and as quickly as it had appeared, the familiar world had vanished.


    He just arrived at Oldale town when something caught his attention. A large shadow that covered the sun for a fraction of a second. He looked up to see a Braviary-- No, a BURST Braviary-- flying above. S***... They've come looking for my BURST Heart... Like hell if I'll let that happen! "Hige, it's time... Let's BURST!!" Dusk grabbed the the Heart and pressed it between his hands, centered in his chest. "HHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Dusk's roar echoed throughout the entire town, shouting at the top of his lungs. He felt the very blood of the Poochyena mixing with his own, his DNA fusing with that of the Pokemon's, and it's power surging and coursing through his veins. Dusk formed a gray-black tail, triangular dark ears, and black skin. The white of his eyes faded to yellow, and his gray eyes turned crimson red. His teeth sharpened, and his fangs grew slightly longer.

    He growled as he looked up at the bird with fury in his eyes. Scanning his surroundings he spotted the tallest building in town, and began a full sprint directly at it. Agility... he muttered, and his full-on sprint turned into a blinding speed-run. he reached the building and began to run directly up it. When he reached the top, he took a large leap, straight into the sky, and straight into the Braviary man. His intimidating appearance startled the bird, and he quickly fled, leaving Dusk's bite a miss. He spun slightly in the air, positioning himself just right for the fall. He landed with a thud, on one knee, and a fist thrust into the ground. "That works... He'd better not come near me anytime soon..." As it turns out, he had landed somewhat close to a Pokemon Battle. He placed his hands palm-to-palm over his chest, and, reversing the process, formed a shiny crimson gem between them. It was only then.... That his stomach growled.

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