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Sara had been pretty brave walking through the forest, but every little sound made her paranoid. A sudden, faint roar had made her heart leap, but she clenched her fist tightly. Anything that wants to get me will only get a fight. She reassured herself and spit on the ground. She looked down at Orrie and Poliwag, and sighed, they were trotting along carelessly and to her it was like they were teasing her. She didn't fear anything but forests and it bothered her.

She needed to distract herself before so she became too distressed. She began to think about what could let out such a roar, but couldn't embody it to any Pokemon or person she had seen. She heard a bird-like yell and looked up, this large bird she had never seen before was flying over. She wondered if that was the Pokemon with the mysterious roar, but quickly dismissed it, the two roars were not alike.

I've never seen that before, I wonder if is rare or maybe not from this region. She saw it was heading toward Rustboro City. A thought struck her, she had never seen a bird that large before and it was flying right to the very place where her mother was. If that overgrown bird even gets near my mother I will snap its feathery neck! But I doubt my Pokemon would even be a match for it, I need to train.

"You guys, I'd hate to be here much longer but I saw this big bird and I really think that it isn't with good intentions." She talked down to her Pokemon, but immediately regretted it, "What am I doing, I don't know if they understand me or not!" She decided to just speak simply, "Okay you guys, we need to train, hard, I want full cooperation." She pulled out her bag of Oran berries, "Please?" Orrie immediately took tackle position and seemed to nod, Poliwag just stood there but it stood next to Orrie looking right at Sara. Really wish I weren't the only one here She thought, thinking back to her fear, "Alright good, first thing is first, you both need to learn new moves."

She held out her pokedex and held it up to both her Pokemon, she scrolled thought the list of moves they could learn. After a bit she settled with teaching Orrie thunderbolt and Poliwag water gun. She put her arms on her hip, "How exactly do I teach a move I've never done or could do..." She tapped her foot in thought, she thought aloud, "Well water gun is pretty much shooting high preassured water, so maybe if you drink some water and spit it out like this," She pushed her cheeks together with her hands and made an oval. She then tried to speak, "And then when you puss the wader wif your mouf you will haf water gun." She laughed at her own voice and thought about how she must look. She then began to wonder if Pokemon stored water for water gun in their body. "Why don't you drink some of this water and spit it right at the tree over there?" She gave Poliwag water and observed.

The Poliwag at first just drank the water, then it started to become too full to drink more. "No! You are not supposed to drink it!" She sighed, and took a sip of her water canteen, "Do this!" She tried to spit a stream of water at the tree, but all she really did was spray water in the direction of it. She wiped her mouth, "Try that except high preassured and hit the tree." Poliwag looked at the tree and copied Sara, it succeeded in hitting the tree with a stream of water, not powerfull enough to be an attack. "I'd say keep practicing that and it will be powerful."

She turned to Orrie, "Okay boy, I need you to learn something different okay?" She thought about how thunderbolt would work with a normal type, "What do I know about electricity." She thought back to her days in Orre, she had seen thunderbolt before, it seemed that the electricity was channeled by the Pokemon. "So we just need to teach you how to channel electricity and also create it..." More problems.

"Well when I was a smaller kid my mom had this carpet I used to shock myself with whenever I walked with socks..." She pet the zizagoon's fur, "Why don't you try shaking? Maybe you can generate electricity by doing that." She watched as he began shaking and she stretched, "I guess I can also do some training." She started to go through some exercises, such as push ups and pull ups on tree branches, and practiced her technique for fighting.
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