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    Pokemon: Guardian Wish

    Welcome to the Pokemon: Guardian Wish development thread. First of all let me introduce you the game. Pokemon Guardian Wish have gone thourgh alot of changes lately. Alot have been changed from the early versions. People who know me and are watching me on dA have probablly seen Guardian Wish in early stages. Not that the game is near final or something.. Its still pretty much in early steges but I'm happy with it the way it is now. This is just a development thread. Here I'll post screenshots, updates and have you to comment on my works and probablly eaven give me some ideas. Let me tell you that my english is not the best so you will be most likely seeing alot of grammar errors.

    Engine: Rpg maker xp with Pokemon Essentials
    Language: English
    Developer: Riansky
    Team: None


    Centuries ago a mighty battle between shadow and light in region of Aruih caused major changes to the region and its people. People that were once friendly and helpeful became tottaly oposite. Region was divided to North and South parts, the same happened with people. People from south started a pokemon war against northen civilazation. Many of Pokemon an people were killed in the war that took ages...
    Isacc, the boy who had a wish, that people of Aruih will become friendly again, found a mystical item which was later describet as an instrument of the past. He played it and suddenly two mystical pokemon came to him. One pokemon could grant wishes and the other was a guardian of the earth. Isacc wished for the people to stop batteling and his wish was fulfilled. The guardian said he will be watching the region and guards it from mighty battle between shadow and light to happen again...


    As legends, every game needs a story, and so does Pokemon Guardian Wish.

    You start of as a 15 years old Boy/Girl who is going to a Journey across Aruih region. A famous Proffessor Rowan, who came from Sinnoh region with his student who just became the proffessor of Aruih. Proffessor Abies is also a good friend of your familly as your parents are around the same age as Abies. Abies visits your home in Cyrilla town and invites you to his newly opened laboratory, As Proffessor Rowan, Abies also studies Pokemon Evolution.

    As you enter Abies's lab, he let's you choose one of the three Pokemon.
    Suddenly your friend ( who is also a rival) also come to the lab, most likely Abies invited him too. He chooses his Pokemon and invites you to battle with him for the first time. As you leave Cyrilla Town, you see a strange guy running from Route 1, Yelling that the market in Arcalia Town was robed by a Team called Team Dark. They are apperently in need of some items to complete a strange ritual. What are they up to ? Find out in Pokemon Guardian Wish.


    - New Region Aruih!
    - Characters from the past!
    - 456 Pokemon from all regions!
    - New world called Luicid Realm
    - 8 new gym leaders and 8 Town guardians!
    - And much more!





    Riansky: Mapping, Eventing, Tiles making, pretty much everything.

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