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Well... Since some want to play on Craftrum without missing out on 1.4.2, might as well share a tip.

1- Update Minecraft to 1.4.2 by logging in.

2- Google and download Magic Launcher.

3- Google and download Minecraft 1.3.2 jar file

4- Open Magic Launcher, click Setup, New, name it 1.3.2, Copy->From Default, OK.

You will find:

5-Click "Select". Browse to the 1.3.2 minecraft.jar. Then click Open. Click OK.

Now, from the drop-down above the login credentials, you can choose default for 1.4.2 and 1.3.2 for 1.3.2 (Youdon'tsay.jpg). Hope I helped.

EDIT: SkyVille 0.9!


Default Textures:

OCD Texture Pack:

I am only one building short of addressing the Town Protection/Embassy Complex formalities.