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    Bonjour, is there still a chance to sign up? I think it's possible to finish that challenge despite not much time left
    If sooo...

    Username: Ober
    Game: Red (yeah, classic)
    Team: Urawa Red Diamonds



    *Star-Player: Charizard.
    Crash, kill, destroy, yeeah! Someone has to do it, Charizard is the best...and he's red! You get it! He's red! Ahahaha...wait what.

    *Cheerleader: Electrode
    It's not about look but about smash! BZZZZZ!
    And roll. We'll never gonna give you up!

    *Mascot: Flareon
    Cute, little, fluffy and red! You get it! Red mascot! Ahahaha...damn.

    *Band: Arcanine
    IAM ARCANEIN HEAR ME ROAR! And he's red!

    *Fans: Gyarados
    Yeah, full of energy and dangerous as Jesus Christ!

    *Sponsor: Porygon
    Mitsubishi created Urawa (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at the time) in 1950. In 1992 club changed to Urawa Red Diamonds. Diamonds are referring to Mitsubishi. Porygon is made out of something similar. That's all.
    And he's not redOH SHUT UP ALREADY DAYOMN!

    Let me know if it's okay and if I can start.