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I like Adventure Time! It's one of the few shows I can sit down and enjoy watching, without having to worry about cringing at some terrible 'edgy' joke designed to appeal to the kids who still watch Cartoon Network. It's a good, fun show and it's intelligent too! About as intelligent as you get for a show centering around a young boy who runs around saving candy people from various, dastardly villains and unfortunate situations. I need Toujours to back me up on this, Adventure Time is just a really good show.

So is Regular Show! A show that appeal our age can enjoy, if only for the constant references it makes to culture and what not. The plots are, well, stupid, but they're intentionally stupid, unlike some of the other shows I have had the displeasure of watching over the last few years. Regular Show is my favorite out of the two, there's just something about it that connects with me.

Although I don't like most of Cartoon Network's lineup nowadays, I don't think it's fallen into a pit. Yes, with the fall of Toonami the channel did drop quite measurably in everyone's standards, but I think more and more people are hating the channel simply because it's fashionable to do so. Take Disney, for starters. Everyone hates that channel not just because of the rather lackluster programming on it today, but also because everyone else hates it. Grow some backbone, people. I'm also echoing AzaleaLightning when I say that another reason people hate Cartoon Network today is because of the nostalgia they have for the old shows on the network. I love, and will always love, The Powerpuff Girls 100x more than Regular Show, but I'm not blind to the fact that the channel had it's faults back in the day too. It's a new generation of kids, people, they find different things funny. You have to move on and accept that Cartoon Network, along with Disney and whatever, are moving in a new direction.
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