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Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
Now that is an excellent idea. Pokémon Orange Version should've been made by GameFreak, but they chose not to and have the Orange Islands as an anime exclusive region. I'm glad someone has the idea of making a ROM hack with Orange Islands based on the games that GameFreak made... but something that GameFreak would've not done. But having said that, doesn't the Orange Islands only have 4 gyms? Maybe you could add in another feature into the ROM hack in order to make up to the last 4 badges? Like having a Dark World or something like that, 'cause I don't think there has been any ROM hack that has had a parallel universe as far as I know of, maybe there has... but I don't know if there has.
The problem with adding a 'Dark World' is that it makes no logical sense in the canon of the game. As much fun as it would be it really has no place in the Orange Islands. I'm not 100% sure what I'd add as after storyline gameplay but I'm definitely for anyone's ideas. Even though four gyms sounds like a short game it can easily be extended as long as the capability and imagination is there.