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    Ignus, Prince of Light. Albia --> Golden Catacombs
    Ignus' greeting was returned by a very hesitant thanks from Zane. Maybe Ignus should've just said hello.

    It was not very long at all before the others arrived. Many spoke about their past, but a few stood silent. Of those was Ignus. Sure, he would have gladly taken the opportunity to educate the others on his beliefs, but he had a hard time fitting in such a lenghtly conversation between others' histories. He mainly listened the whole way.

    As they approached the entrance, everbody grew silent. Ignus opened his mouth to speak, only to have Gallant beat him to it.

    "Well, let's not just stand here like idiots. We made the journey here. Now let's finish it!"

    Well said, old guy. Well said.

    As each member held out their Gold tribe Emblems, Ignus remembered that he had left his in Albia. In a panic, he made an illusion of one and held his up to the doors. Nothing happened. A few voices from within the group spoke out.

    "Maybe its broken..."

    "Aww, dang it!

    Aww, crap. I bet my fake emblem is screwing this up. This is gonna get awkward.

    But before anyone else could speak, or even question why the doors remained shut, the moss and vines began to peel off.

    Zane led the way with words, while The Swift with body.

    "Come on. Let's go inside. Be ready for anything."

    The Swift took that moment to zip inside, after remarking that he was point.

    "All clear!" He called from inside.

    What an energetic fellow... Ignus took a last look at the sun before descending. He performed the sign of the sun, and then departed into the catacombs. He overheard Penance and Hanso talking. It seemed like Penance had been giving Hanso advice of psychic capabilities. Ignus new a thing or two about psychic attacks, but this conversation seemed to be about maintaining psychic connections and whatnot. The zoroark had little to no experience with that.

    "TrueStriker, I want you to practice this exercise while we explore. Picture a white room, with nothing in it. No color, no furniture, no people, nothing. Just a white room. It can be big or small, but it must be empty. It will take some time to perfect the image since your mind will naturally want to populate it with various images, but fight that instinct. It took me close to two months to get the exercise down, but as you get better with it you'll find yourself occupying the room with less and less images until it is completely empty and you will not only be able to focus on a empty room, but also on doing other tasks while you keep your defenses up." Huh. Seemed legit. Maybe Ignus should try that once in a while.

    Then, to everyone, the golduck said, "Everyone, keep your eyes sharp. Look out for traps, wires on the ground, holes in the wall, slabs sticking up from the ground, doors that once opened could alert a foe to our presence. Just because we don't see anyone now doesn't mean that our enemies haven't already infiltrated the area."

    The truth. Our brother knows well. Thought Ignus. Out loud, he said, "Listen to him, he speaks wisely. The world here has been disconnected from ours for quite a while, and something unknown may be lurking within the shadows." This reminded Ignus to do something. He used a very weakened Extrasensory to the party, effectively enhancing hearing and vision, as well as the other senses. He was careful not to do too much, as that would overload their brains and give them very terrible migranes.

    "In case you haven't noticed," said the Prince,"I've taken the liberty to enhance our senses, it could get very dark in here. If you start having headaches, tell me and I'll stop the extrasensory. You shouldn't have any problems, though. Its not too bright or loud in here."

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