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    OK. It wasn't as bad as he had thought. Thankfully, she hadn't caught on to his implications.

    "That's cool. I know that I wouldn't start falling in love with sister, if I had one. Come to think of it, I do! Some sort of lightning girl, calls herself Spark. Its not often that your little sister is a rarity. You get me?" Ryan said. Hopefully, this would save his ass and he'd still be able to respectfully approach her.

    Have you heard of Husks? I heard that they're humans that a deamon is bound to. Pretty gruesome if you ask me. I mean, they'd be practically invincible, they would be extremely agile, they're strength increasing tenfold. And they wouldn't feel pain or tire. I can tell why I've never seen one, and I plan not to. To think that people are willing to treat spirits like that... I hate it. The first thing I do when I graduate is to stop their oppression. People need to realize that these things are people, other than the fact that they can and will rip you in half. Do you know how many Deamons are used to work in locations that are considered too dangerous? It disgusts me that people would use them like that. Deamons were made to fight, not work in a lava tube that could erupt at any moment. They still feel pain. Me, I recognize that, and treat them as comrades in battle. Not once do I force my friends to do hard labor. They volunteer, or they don't. Either way, it's all up to them. Sorry, I've been talking too much... this is a touching subject for me, so I'm sorry if I sound weird to you for liking these things. Most people run away screaming when they see a small boy trailed by something that they consider the embodiment of evil. That's how I grew up. Suddenly, I come here, and I'm not a freak, but actually looked up to. I'm just not used to being listened to. That's it." Ryan said.

    Ryan took a few long breaths before looking back up. His eyes met Claire's, and his heart skipped a beat. She truly was the most beautiful girl that he had actually gotten to know. He didn't know how to explain it, but he felt like she was the one.

    "Claire, I love you." Ryan said, and clamped his hand over his mouth.

    Oh god, I didn't just as that out loud. ****. Here it comes. You've done it now Ryan.... He thought, horrified. If he was lucky, she'd just leave, but he sure didn't feel all that lucky at the moment.
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