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    Originally Posted by hobusu View Post
    It's... Perfect!

    If you can do this, that would be the best solution, definitely. It would give me more motivation to try the Trainer Tower, for starters (no pun intended).

    My question then becomes how many of the Johto starters would you be able to get in this way? Getting all of them from this seems a bit much, no matter how you handle it...
    Yeah, I did want to make all Johto starter obtainable through it. At least that would give people more of an initiative to even go through the Trainer Tower and all of its pre-eReader card variations!
    *Sees version 3.2 is available*


    I just started it yesterday! (All I did was start a new file to test the GB player, but still...)

    Ah well... I haven't made any significant progress, so I'll just make a new save file.
    Sorry for the bad timing! Or, was it good timing? It all depends on how you look at it!
    This is very interesting!
    What hack was that? You've made me curious...
    Check your PMs. I decided to send you one about that!
    You may not be as skilled of a hacker as others, but you are the one who put everything together into this amazing collection! I won't accept this humility from you! ()
    Yes, but that noticeable inferiority is enough to justify such humility. I don't consider myself a hacking great, not by a longshot! And I'm actually a bit surprised that nothing's been done like this before! I guess everyone's just wanting to make new stories out of these games, or make all Poké's/difficult versions of them.

    By the way, I agree about Red & FireRed being essentially the same... And HG/SS being new games. (Why can't I delete phone numbers anymore?!?!)
    Good that you see things in a similar manner when it comes to that. But...I'd list many other reasons as to why HG/SS are new enough games before phone numbers!

    Such irony... While Pallet Town sounded fine, I was going to tell you that the title theme sounded off (parts of it sounded too high), and the Game Freak sound seemed odd, too (I can't really speak for anything beyond that, as I haven't even tried to leave Pallet yet). I'll have to check the new version to see it that's been fixed.
    Yeah, about the Game Freak logo...chances are I'll never get that sounding right. That particular jingle uses some strange wave distortion that I have absolutely no idea how to recreate. It's the same distortion used in the evolution start jingle and Jigglypuff's Song, neither of which have 8-Bit versions in this game because that distortion was the defining part of those particular tunes. Sorry!

    You'll be awfully surprised by the rest of the tracks in the game, though. The opening and title screen have finally received the treatment they deserve!

    Yay? That's all you can say? Yay?! I demand more excitement from you! This was one of the things that truly bothered me about FR before, and you've fixed it!
    Yeah, I guess. But the only thing the RTC does is affect those evolutions. It was something that didn't really require any work on my own, but hey!

    *Looks through changelog*

    I may have missed something in previous posts, but is the glitch with the map in the Wardrobe patch still there? I don't want to use it if that hasn't been fixed... I need to be able to fly, after all!
    That problem was only for people who were using the same saves (save states?) between two different versions of the game. I don't have any problems with the Wardrobe patch on my end.

    Some final notes:

    How many Pokemon are currently available with the Catch 'em All patch? Also, dou you have any estimate of when all 251 will be implemented? (I'm expecting a very rough estimate of a very long time...)
    Yeah, it'll be a while. As of right now, you can catch everything except the Johto starters and the real-life event legendaries (Mew and Celebi). Their inclusions will require massive map edits and scripting, which will take quite a while. I'm actually a bit spent on hacking right now, though; real life is starting to really interfere. Sorry about that!

    While it is nice that all of the trees will stay cut, would it be possible to do the same with the Rock Smash stones? They're at least as annoying, and the HM to clear them is much later in the game and less useful.
    Not gonna happen. Smashing rocks can lead to wild Pokémon battles, which I feel makes it important that they can be repeatedly smashed. And I never recall rocks being a hassle in the game! They only appear much on the Sevii Islands and in Cerulean Cave.

    Similar to above, while the trainer facing fix is cool, I'd rather have the running shoes work inside. Not because I'm impatient as much as because... They should work indoors to begin with. I believe HackMew has a simple tutorial on how to do it, and I think most players would like the addition.
    This was something I never saw as a priority. I could include it along with the other extras. And what do you mean by "rather?" Can't you just have both?

    Finally, I'd like to use this hack (specifically the extras and the Catch 'em All patches) so my niece can enjoy Pokemon as it should be. However, as she's still a beginner, it would be nice if you could get the Teachy TV by talking to the old man after his demonstration. This way, it wouldn't bother those who don't need it, and its still there for those who do. Of course, if you removed the item at some point during development then you can ignore this entire paragraph.
    The item itself is still in the game's code. I could make a special version just for you that has the Old Man still give you the Teachy TV, if you'd like.

    You're welcome.
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