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Originally Posted by thisguy647 View Post

Science has rendered most religion impossible; Christian being one of them. That guy was either having a dream, some weird sort of fantasy, or he's made it all up as an attempt to prove that Heaven exists; when quite frankly; it's pretty much impossible. If he seriously believes he actually went there, I think he needs to see a psychiatrist of sorts; it's rendered impossible by science, and pretty much general impossibility.
I dont think he needs to nessesarily see a psychiatrist. He isn't crazy, he had an experience he believes was real. I mean the story is sketchy especially after reading the part that says he never had strong religious belief or belief in an afterlife, but he does consider himself a Christian. He cant explain this with his scientific knowledge. If he believes this is real and that Heaven is real I dont find any problem with that. Just because someone is a scientist or a doctor dosent mean they can't have religious beliefs.
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