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I have Red, Darkness and Sky
First one I got was red and I was Persian and Meganium
But currently I have restarted and I'm Charizard and Grovyle (PMD2 reference)
On Darkness, I was Charizard first time, Typhlosion and Sceptile second time and currently Meowth and Torchic. It was hilariously easy as typhlosion/cyndaquil beacuse before the Graduation Exam, I endlessly drugged myself on Calcium and Protein from Wondermail Generators. At Level 57 I had like 237 Sp. Attack amd 235 Attack.
On Sky, I've only ever had one file-I'm Luxray and Blastoise
I love the PMD games-The new 3DS ones have murdered the sprites :_:
Also I don't have a 3DS. PMD has Epicly Epic Soundtracks as well
Always a nice change from the RPGs and the have way better emotion and story etc
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