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    Oh goodness. I was only in here for two minutes and the guy from earlier walks in. If he hates me for being rude earlier, I'm dead. He asks if we know anything about mythology. Jay says, "Well, I’m not an expert at mythology.I just know the basics. Such as Arceus is our God, Palkia controls space, andDialga controls time. I guess mythology would be an interesting class to take, but I haven’t gotten my schedule yet. I am still new to the Pokemon Trainer Academy. I also would like to apologize for the incident back then when I wastravelling to Oak Town. I forgot to finish our conversation.
    "Yes, terribly sorry for rushing out earlier. And I only know about what Jay knows. Mythology is not my strong suit. What is, well, probably... Err.. Not battling? I can battle, but I'm not the best. It would probably be Pokemon researching and breeding? I don't know." I say not so promptly. "As I said earlier, I really like your Gardevoir, how long have you had her or him? As for my Bonsly, since I was very young. Sorry. I talk too much. Continue on." Pretty soon, one of Jay's pokemon jumps out of its pokeball and attacks Ethan's Quilava. That does not look good. Bonsly decides to jump in and starts totally fliping out on them. Oh no. Bonsly, don't do it. Aww man. He's gonna do it. Bonsly uses Rock Throw on both of them. Oh no. I hope the two of them don't hate me now.
    (I'll do Bonsi's side of the story later)
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