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    You're free to disagree with me on this but for me, dialogue can really make or break a TV show. It can bring out the best (or worse) of characters via foils and banter and even a character that lacks in certain areas can shine even a little with a few good lines.

    It's this reason (among others) that kinda makes it hard to enjoy Pokemon DP and BW's dubs (and JPN version to an extent) since the dialogue and the delivery seems so bland, dull and lifeless. It's enough to put me to sleep. Sure 4kids wasn't perfect either but they had a lot of good line (Flaming Moltres, anyone?) And is it me or does some of the dialogue at times sound like Ash and co. are stating the friggin' obvious or they just repeat the last few words of what someone said out of confusion?

    Yes, I know that it's a kid's show but I grew up on shows that put honest effort into the character's lines and today, there are kids show with creditable dialogue so they'd be entertaining. It being a kids show is honestly a feeble excuse and crutch many use to put in no effort whatsoever. And nothing should be exempt from criticism.

    What are your thoughts on this as a viewer?
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