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    Personally, some abilities should not exist in Pokémon. Therefore, let's give them new ones.

    Lame Abilities:
    Illuminate: It does absolutely nothing whatsoever. You hear me? Nothing.
    Klutz: The Pokémon can't hold any items whatsoever.
    Normalize: All moves become Normal-types. That's all it does.
    Swarm: Just IMO. Most have better abilities

    Beedrill (Swarm)
    Staryu (Illuminate)
    Starmie (Illuminate)
    Scyther (Swarm)
    Ledyba (Swarm)
    Ledian (Swarm (It's weak already, as if the ability isn't enough))
    Spinarak (Swarm)
    Ariados (Swarm)
    Chinchou (Illuminate)
    Lanturn (Illuminate)
    Scizor (Swarm)
    Heracross (Swarm)
    Beautifly (Swarm)
    Skitty (Normalize)
    Delcatty (Normalize)
    Volbeat (Illuminate, Swarm (That's right! Both! Volbeat really needs to be redone.))
    Kricketune (Swarm)
    Mothim (Swarm)
    Buneary (Klutz (Hinders the fact that Buneary needs 255 happiness to evolve))
    Lopunny (Klutz (Even though it already evolved))
    Watchog (Illuminate)
    Woobat (Klutz)
    Swoobat (Klutz)
    Sewaddle (Swarm)
    Leavanny (Swarm)
    Venipede (Swarm)
    Whirlipede (Swarm)
    Scolipede (Swarm)
    Karrablast (Swarm)
    Escavalier (Swarm)
    Golett (Klutz)
    Golurk (Klutz)
    Durant (Swarm)

    What abilities, other than their hidden abilities, will improve those Pokémon?
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