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    Kiki grinned and sat up suddenly, shaking sand and water out of her hair. She utterly ignored his comment about being drier by the boat. That wasn't the fun way! She never inded getting wet or dirty as long as she enjoyed what she was doing. In this case... Um... She shook her head and stood up, looking around.

    "Hi Shawn and Zapper! Hehehe, I forgot why I jumped off the boat, but it was fun!" she said happily, though Cynder didn't seem to agree. She huffed and blew a puff of smoke out of her mouth, shying away from Zapper slightly. Kiki looked around and smiled, crouching down near a rattata.

    "Hey little guy!" she said, reaching out her hand, but the rat dove back into the tall grass. "Hm... The pokemon around here are shy... Anyways... Um... What was I doing here?" she mumbled, turning to look back at Shawn, an exasperated Cyder sighing and curling up in her arms. Then her eyes lit up and she grinned. She was here to catch and train pokemon! That and, you know, study and stuff. It didn't occur to her that she might want to check in with a teacher and find out where her room and belongings were, nor that the faculty might like to know that she was in fact on the island.
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