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Well, Pokemon was definitely the most notable of the games I grew up with, since those games were pretty much the only games I played up untill I got my Gamecube. I had already been introduced to the Mario games beforehand, and I remember I had Super Mario Land for the Gameboy Color at the time, but I was horrible at platforming games at the time, so I never really felt like playing. Once I got my Gamecube though, it came with Mario Kart Double Dash and the Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, and for a long time I only ever played the Mario Kart, untill I finally decided to check out the LoZ game. At first I thought it was just full of demo's, and that I had to buy the games individually to actually play them, since that was the impression I got from the Wind Waker demo, which I was totally mad in love with, and with that I didn't even play the other games, since I thought the graphics were horrible in comparison to WW, and it wasn't till much later that I discovered they were actually full games, and they eventually came to be some of my favourites.

Later on I got the Wind Waker, which was pretty much all I wanted to have to do with the Zelda games at the time, since they were the kind of cartoony graphics that I loved at the time, and it went relatively well, up untill when it all became fetch quest, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do, so I let the game lie for a pretty long time. That was around the time when I discovered the other games were full games, and later on I got the Four Swords Adventures, which, compared to the other Zelda games, were relatively easy. And yeah, I pretty much stayed with the Zelda games for a pretty long time, being the only games I myself got apart from other Pokemon titles for my handheld systems, but looking at all my Gamecube games, they're all Zelda games apart from Double Dash, so it's easily my most prominent collection of games of any series.

But yeah, I've obviously played lots of other games, but none has influenced my childhood as much as the Zelda games, and they all stay very close, despite losing a few of them along the way in my carelessness lol.
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