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As the title states, this is a general thread to introduce and discuss recent news in the tabletop gaming world. In my case, I'll mostly focus on bushiroad's card games, so Weiss Schwarz and Vanguard, and maybe try and spur discussion on upcoming magic/ygo sets when i hear about them, though my knowledge is limited on that side at the moment. I may also do some wargaming and roleplaying stuff as well.

Not so much rules, as much as general guidelines
1. Make sure someone hasn't posted your news already, though it's ok to renew it as a topic, especially if something new is revealed.
2. Source and reference isn't required, though it is always helpful.
3. Lots of news updates can get hectic, make sure you note which news you're responding to.
4. As long as your new post contains news, double-posting is allowed.

To start with, we have a Vanguard and Yugioh set coming out this weekend, being Banquet of Divas and Abyss Rising respectively. In addition, there's been a recent Yugioh Tin release everyone's been trying to get their hands on.