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    Well answering the topic...

    I dont think there was a water type pokemon I actually disliked till 5th gen(only one). Theres some I feel indifferent to but none I disliked. That was until I saw Simipour. Idk, its design seems kinda uncreative in a way...I may be biased tho due to how they aesthetically genderlocked it to female. Yea...both Simipour and simisear. Simisage(my monkey) looks awesome tho :3 with its rockstar pose.

    Previous Topic...

    I've been itching to use/start training my event keldeo. I didnt want to use him in my b2 team cuz hes a legendary and his EVs would get messed up if I did. Thus I'll start EV training him soon to be the ferocious swordsman he was made to be.