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Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Oh yes, to celebrate your shop's opening, Laugh, here's a challenge!

User Name: MidnightShine
Pokémon: Thundurus Therian
Colour Palette: Black Kyurem
Notes: C'mon, do your best!
I failed on my first try, but here's your request, Mid.

Thanks for the challenge! Come back if you wish!

Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
Hi Laugh, congratulations on opening your shop! I love your sprites. I would like to request a fusion Pokemon.

User Name: SummerSkies
First Pokémon: Altaria
Second Pokémon: Swanna
Colour Palette: light sky blue, white, and brownish orange
Notes: I would prefer it if the beak and the legs of the sprite are a brownish orange. Thank you in advance for creating a sprite.
Here's your request! It was a bit hard on the feet, tho.

Please tell me if you want a redo, I can make it better. Come back soon!

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