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    I play all the games inverted, so used to that, so when Dialga turns the stage upside down or Palkia flips the stage horizontally, it doesn't really bother me x) I was actually shocked they had Cresselia up there, to think with Palkia/Dialga that they would put Giratina there instead. Cresselia being my 2nd favorite Pokemon & Latias my first, I'm actually pleased to see both Pokemon are in this game threatening the fighters <3

    The Melee stages are alright, I've played them a bunch in Melee so I prefer the custom or Brawl stages. Speaking of which....

    What kind of custom stages have you created? Do you Brawl on them regularly? If you want to show pictures, go right ahead. I have an SD card but I don't have anything to insert it into my laptop so...I'm out of luck to show everyone. I have about 15 created, but I don't like wasting a lot of memories/block on just a single game x)