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    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    It just sounds boring because it's like the script writers just put zero effort into it. It doesn't need to be award winning at all but the lack of effort to me is very blatent and annoying. There are tons of kids shows who care about the scripts so I'm afraid the "it's for kids" claim loses a significant amount a validity in my book. It's not all bad but half the time I feel like snoring thanks to the dialogue. Even if the episode is good.
    I've never seen a kid show that didn't have stupid, bland, or completely useless dialog. All of today's cartoons are abhorrent in what makes them. Their dialog is all horrible, broken in many places and some of them it even sounds like they are reading the script right there rather than acting. Its like listening to a person talk and then read aloud. You can hear the differences.
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