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Why hello, Carl. A big welcome to PC ;D Everyone's gotta be new at forum-ing & stuff, I think I started a year ago, if I'm not mistaken. But I'm positively sure that you'll break out of that shyness soon!

I remember the days when I first started forum-ing, it was a pain. I was like so puzzled & confused, but after stumbling upon PC, I'm reaaaaal friendly nowadays! PC's a friendly community in & out! Don't mind the occasional trolls, just ignore them.

To be honest, I don't think that Black was a good head start coz it only features Unova 'Mon from the start & a few other older ones later. B2W2's a better choice if I must say so. I doubt that the Color & Advance series are still in manufacture, but there's always the remakes. HGSS is a remake of both RBY & GSC, but unfortunately, no remake for RSE has been released yet.

Hmm, a Scrafty & Honchkrow fan? Hmm, that means, you gotta be a Dark type fan, no? I'm a fan of them both too, but I've got even better ones.......

And it's MidnightShine by the way, Mid's my nick. Feel free to contact me anytime! Oh, & here are the rules if you've been wondering.

Just relax & take it easy by having fun, 'k?


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