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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    Different versions of gpSP for different devices and by different developers are coded entirely differently, so comparing between two of them would be like comparing two completely different emulators. I don't know how Maemo works, but just looking at its gpSP's own compatibility list makes me feel skeptical about its accuracy. Not only is the list a bit lacking (games like Mega Man Zero don't work), but other commonly-played games require workarounds (Super Mario Advance 4, for instance).

    What phone are you using, by the way? If it has at least a 1GHz processor, I'd suggest checking out GBA.emu on the Play Store. It's by a well-regarded emulator developer and it's based right off of one of the newest versions of VBA-M, so you can rely on it for good performance. Othewise I don't know what to tell ya, a lot of GBA emulators don't account for proper GB Synth emulation until later into development. This is especially true for GBA emulators made for portable devices.
    I understand, and I guess that makes sense.
    I'm running Nokia N900, which comes with a 600MHz processor. Even though I can overclock it, running 1GHz is a bit pushing it to the limit (kernel supports 1.15GHz as theoretical max, and that's *not recommended at all*)
    Maemo isn't Android, so stuff at play store doesn't run without a very scary work-around with extremly limited compatibility for things.

    I guess that I'll basically have to live with the GB Player sounding decent, but not "perfect" as on desktop VBA. It's not *that* bad, it's just noticeably wrong.
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