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I'll be making a few threads about these possibly, btw! Would your opinion be the same about the games if it was in one of the past regions and it was set many years later. As a result, all the older characters were replaced with Unova characters. The gyms and gym leaders would still be the same although their design would likely be a little different. The Unova Pokemon would still be the same but they'd be spread around different places in the region.

- Do you think GF could've pulled it off as successfully if it was set in another region?
- Which region do you think it'd best fit in (of the past regions)?
- Which region would you prefer it to be based on?
- What other changes would be there if it was set in another region, how would gameplay/story/etc pan out?

Discuss! Also, please don't copy my questions and answer in a list, because then I will cry. And you don't want me to cry. The questions there are just to stimulate your thoughts!!

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