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    Originally Posted by BinaryPeaches View Post
    I really want to participate in more challenges but I don't have the games to do them with and I dislike playing on ROMs. If I get desperate enough though I might, and I do have FireRed I could restart as well I guess ...

    That said I did restart my White and started a challenge. There was no such challenge for what I was doing though and since I was unsure if anyone would participate I decided 'oh well. no will know my progress woe'
    If you have a DS you should consider getting an AceKard (no one yell at me, downloading Pokemon Roms is perfectly legal if you already own a physical copy which I'm sure you have a few)

    You can play Gameboy and Gameboy color games on it as well as DS games

    The perfect solution for those with unavailable game slots and as I said legal if you put games you already own on it

    Anywaaayyyyyy Syd is trying to steal X-mas by making me wait forever for an X-mas challenge

    imma pout

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