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Day 4
Received HM03 Surf from a man at Safari Zone;
Teched Surf to Azula;
Come back to Saffron city, defeated rival Gary and took out Team Rocket grunts from Silph Co.;
Defeated gym leader Sabrina and received the Marshbadge;
Come back to Fuschia city and gave the Gold Teeth do Warden and received HM04 Strength;
Teached Blizzard to Azula;
Defeated gym leader Blaine and received the Volcanobadge;
Bill take me to One Island;
Received the Tri-Pass from Bill's friend;
Rescued Lostelle;
Defeated gym leader Giovanni (!) and received the Earthbadge;
Teached Earthquake to Ryuuki.

Ryuuki is at level 54 and knows:
Flamethrower / Fly / Earthquake / Brick Break

Azula is at level 51 and knows:
Blizzard / Bite / Strength / Surf

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