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It's definitely better late than never in this case, so hey there and a veeery late welcome to you!

Omg Adventure Time fan! I am too, only got into it a week or two ago though (still on season 2). Who's your favorite character? :D It's a really funny show, and Regular Show has been pretty great as well from the few episodes I've seen of it. SAO I hear is popular too, so I really should give that a try sometime in the future. I'm totally in support of the things you like, looks like we have quite a lot in common already~

But you haven't made that many posts since you joined over a year ago, so why not get more involved in the forum? There's lots to do, but regardless of how active you are, you'll always be welcome back here; we're all pretty friendly on PC. :D Nice to see that you've already posted your fanfiction here too, the writing section deserves even more activity and there are a lot of really helpful reviewers over there.

So have a great time here and feel free to contact me if you need any help here at all. I'd love to help you out!

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