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    I've had some... technical difficulties with my DS, so I'll be switching to Emerald. Here's my new planned out team, and my first update:

    Fossil Pokemon: Lileep/Cradily
    Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon: meditite/Medicham
    Gift Pokemon: Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert
    Least Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon: Numel/Camerupt (WHYYYYY!?!?!?)
    Pokemon from evil team of your game with attacks that have 70 base damage or less: Zubat/Golbat/Crobat ()
    Ugly Pokemon: Whismur/Loudred/Exploud (You havta admit, they look constipated or something)

    Well, this whole TEAM is depressing, if you ask me... But here's the first actual update for ya'll. I can't post pics quite yet, due to my post count, but I'll work on that...


    -Started out as Reese, talked to *****'s - Er, Birch's kid, and then saved Mr. B from the cannibalistic zigzagoon with Frosty the Mudkip.
    -Battled Brendan... and lost...
    -Grinded until I was level nine for major paybacks
    -whooped brendan's @ss
    -traveled on to Petalburg...
    -Caught Wally a Raltz and met Scott soon after.
    -Rushed through Petalburg Woods and helped the Devon guy
    -Skipped ahead and caught Noel the Whismur

    So, that's where I am now... I'll post pics asap!