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Well following the books exactly would be rather.boring for vets, and I could see this being a dragon age type game. Though since the most common program used here is RPG maker, maybe it could be made using a heavily modified version of that? Like a real time battle system that is fairly basic? (A game called Inotia 3 on the iPad comes to mind.) I would say since the novels focus a lot on puzzles, riddles, and such that combat should come second to those. I am not a game designer though I do know what I and my friends look for, and I have read the books many times so a combat orientated game would be slightly disappointing to me (there are so many of them).

An exact novel adaptation, or slight differentiation would not be bad, though I'd say a complete alteration (follow to a point) or a different story such as a prequel or a sequel to the novels would be interesting.

Combat, though coming second, should be interesting as well, I would suggest that if it isn't a real world active battle, then don't make it random battles, maybe compensation for that would be experience from puzzle solving or something.

Additionally it may be better to do it as an android/apple app such that it would be more interesting if distributed. Also doing it by chapters could be less stressful than going all at once. Maybe a chapter or two a year, that way there is a lot of consistent detail.
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