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    Thanks for the welcome, Mid. I don't smoke so when I went out for my break at work instead of having a cigarette break I had a gaming break. My manager was unimpressed.

    For now I'll have a nose around and see where I end up. Being a writer my first instinct is to go check out that board. I'll have fun I'm sure and I'll be sure to read the rules.

    Also Hikari, cheers. I'm not of the hacking kind either. I've been playing Pokemon since mum first bought me Blue and my brother got Red. We'd trade over a lot and sit around battling and we still get one of each when the new generations come out. I've got Pokemon magnets on my radiator and a Black & White poster up on my wall for now.

    As far as interests go. My writing dominates most of my life for now. I'm trying to publish my steampunk novel. So I guess steampunk is another interest of mine...We'll see. Hopefully it will come up with something.
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