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    The only seasons I have ever watched in full, bar fillers, are probably the original, Orange Islands and DP, because Pokemon stopped airing after Orange Islands when I was a kid. I started going back to the anime when Battle Frontier was almost over and DP was about to begin in Japan.

    After DP and a few episodes of Best Wishes, I'm only watching episodes for game cameos such as various gym leaders and major characters, like the Subway Masters and Bianca (but since I don't like anime Bianca, I don't watch the episodes with her in it either). Maybe I've finally had it with Ash and the terrible writing?? Team Plasma VS Team Rocket never getting to air (?) probably didn't help matters.

    With the new saga though, I might just begin to tune in again... on N and Plasma-related episodes. :9

    (Note: I almost never watch the dub, by the way, so I don't have problems with the voices. The more you know!)

    EDIT: As much as I dislike Paul and his existence as a failed version of a Stop Having Fun Guy, as well as the way the saga ended with Ash losing in the semi-finals to a cheater that the writers pulled out of their butts, I still treasure DP a lot. I mean sure the fillers were boring and I didn't really watch those, but the plot-related episodes I did enjoy (especially Ash VS Paul). Gen IV being the time when I was interested into Pokemon again helps.
    Also I watched N's debut episode and I decided I will ignore everything else other than game cameos and N/Plasma episodes.

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