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    haha yeah sorry, I kinda figured I didn't put enough into my welcome post thing when i looked at the others so ok here's about me

    I have been playing pokemon since i was about 6 (now 20) my favourite pokemon game out of all of them is pokemon gold, by far, gen ii still being my favourite. As well as I am a sucker for the eeveelutions, especially espeon and umbreon <3 as they are cute (yes I am one of those players ) :D

    I have been RP'ing for a while now but never on a site so complex as this, use to just making up plots and going for it and seeing how it plays out, so looking forward to the new experience here never ever done pokemon rping before though. My old site was set on a book series based in the Mesolithic, with tribes and so on, so this is all very new

    I am an archaeology student from the uk, love reading and drawing (though I am not as good as I like to think xD) and though I did come here to mainly RP as I love writing, I have been browsing and already found a bunch of things that have caught my interest!

    And last but not least, my username. It’s my gamertag for a few things and it comes from loki the old god but not from avengers ( though that is so much cooler!!!) I got loki from the film “ the mask” (god of mischief in the film):D then threw in pie at the end as I like Pinkiepie from my little pony haha

    thanks for the welcome cirno! :D and hope to see ya about!

    *just gonna add this into my opening post *
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