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    Ah I'm glad to have you join, Shining Raichu! Thanks so much for approving it, btw :3

    I'll add you to the list but you're supposed to add something in the rules to indicate you read them, but I know you'll abide rules and such cx

    And A New Beginning is amazing, omg. It just came out for the 3DS last month and it's my favorite game, you can customize how you want your town to look, where streets/building/benches/etc. go and you can really fully customize your character too - change hair color and there's 90 different outfits. I think the slogan for it is 'Customization is key'. It's kind of overwhelming but so fun.

    I came in on Harvest Moon about... 1/3 through the series? xD My first game was Save the Homeland on PS2, and it's still one of my favorites for its unique gameplay and because of nostalgia.

    On a related note, my mom just texted me, "What are you doing?" and when I told her I'm playing Pokemon, she replied with, "Why not Harvest Moon? HUH, HUH?" My love for Harvest Moon is well-known :p