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Annnnnnnd here's my SU! If it's not good enough or something's missing, be sure to tell me

And a second question: I'm guessing once we travel around the island, we should just make up every now and again having to fight the minions of the main baddies? Like Pokémon, Goombas and... uh, whatever stuff Ganondorf usually throws at you, as well as Waddle-dees? Or is combat reserved for when the GM throws stuff at us?

Name: Allan Larsen

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Nationality: Danish

Character: Lucario

Differences: Allan had decided to dress up as Lucario on that most fateful day. He had been preparing the costume for about a year, and he’d put his heart and soul into creating it. The gloves were actually attached to the vest, which was made almost entirely out of fur to give a more realistic look to it.

The same with the pants, which had also been made of a very fur-like material, but wouldn’t inhibit movement. He had coloured his hair blue and worn a soft of ‘mask’ over his eyes, with the ends of them trailing down his back. The feet were a sort of leggings-material, but with something sowed on the inside to make sure he could keep warm, not to mention the foot-part of the leggings, having been turned into what’s more or less shoes.

Picture for easy reference:

Roleplay Sample: Allan slowly opened his eyes and blinked up towards the bright light covering the bright blue above him. After a few moments of lying still and getting used to the light, he realized he was looking at the sky, with the sun hovering high up in the air, making it around noon.
He blinked a few times as he continued to lay still, trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and as his brain slowly began cranking up, he suddenly sat up with a start, his eyes wide as he remembered what had happened.

He’d been kidnapped while at a convention while dressed up as Lucario… by Mewtwo, no less! Shaking his head, he tried to convince himself that it had been a dream, but the undeniable fact that he was sitting in the sand, on a beach, surrounded by broken bits of crate and some slacked ropes having somehow been cut off of him, made him think that it might not have been as far-fetched as he thought.

Taking a moment to raise his glove-covered hands, he rubbed his eyes, groaning slightly as he pushed himself to a stand, looking around the tropical beach with wide eyes, unsure of where he were, or what he was going to do.

Just as he was trying to take everything that had happened in and make a plan for himself, a figure, somewhat larger than himself, though not by a lot, landed firmly in front of him as if shot out of the sky, sending sand scattering around it.

Allan let out a yelp of surprise and shock as he stumbled backwards, flailing his arms as he landed firmly on his rear, his eyes wide and his heart thumping in his chest as he stared up at the beautiful white dragon-humanoid standing in front of him, as she folded her wings and looked him over with a kind smile.

“I am Camelia. I don’t have a lot of time, so please listen closely. My brother, Insane, was the one who sent those beings to kidnap you and others like you, and only thanks to my skills and a bit of luck were I able to rescue you and some of the others. He’s planning something horrible, and I cannot deal with him alone.”

She gestured to the large forest further inland from the beach they were on.
“This is Augustine Island, and my brother is hidden somewhere here. He has an army of evil beings at his disposal, and it wouldn’t be fair to ask you to aid me without giving you the means to deal with them. Once I leave, I will give you powers equal to that of the character you are dressed as. I know this is a lot to take in, and I’m sorry that I cannot help more, but if I stay here too long, my brother will find me. Please, help me and the others like you save the world.”

With that, she reached out and touched Allan’s forehead, a bright flash of light emitting from her hand, without it actually blinding him. After a moment, she gave a worried, yet kind and hopeful smile before spreading her wings and taking off with a whispered “Good luck” riding on the winds.
Allan had been sitting on the sandy beach, staring in awe at the dragoness, and he still was. His mouth was hanging open and it took him several moments to register what had happened and he slowly shook his head, coming to a shaky stand. He looked up, trying to locate her flying figure, but she was long gone.

“… Holy ****. What’ve I gotten dragged into…?”

He looked down at his hands for a long moment before furrowing his brows. He felt something. He felt an… energy within himself, and he was fairly sure that this was what Camelia had talked about. Tryingly, he raised his right hand, aiming it at a spot on the sand, his eyes narrowing as he focused said energy, and suddenly, a blast of dark-blue energy emitted from it, blowing a shallow hole in the sand.

“Whoa! I… guess I really do have the powers of a Lucario.”
He shook his hand a little, as if expecting to feel the blast to have hurt his hand, but it didn’t seem to have affected him that much, though he was sure that if he used a move like that too much, it’d drain his energy. Or at least hurt him in the long run.

With this new information in mind, he turned to the forest, taking a deep breath as he looked down over himself once more before heading forwards, towards the forest. The first thing he should do was to make sure he was going to be able to live, and the second thing was to locate more survivors. He knew they were out there, and he wasn’t just going to sit around and hope for rescue, despite the tinge of fear residing within him.