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    I'm going to revive's completed and there's about 6 more installments to go


    “Tropius, go!”


    In mid-air, a bulky dinosaur-like flying creature materialized, the color of tree bark with four great emerald palm leaves as wings and a string of ripe bananas around its neck. It seemed unlikely that wings as fragile looking as the Tropius’s could keep such a heavy beast afloat, but her wings smashed against her sides forcefully yet gracefully as the beast glared down at the ghost pokemon below it.

    “Knock it from the air!” cried Miles as he broke his silence.

    The Mismagius’s eyes turned completely black and within seconds a large blob of crackling black and purple electricity hurtled from her body towards the flying pokemon. The Tropius opened her mouth and fired a stream of razor sharp green leaves that made the Shadow Ball explode on impact. Ophelia grinned at the sheer power of the pokemon’s attack.

    “Get rid of the toxic spikes! Use Whirlwind!” Ophelia ordered.

    The Tropius ascended gently higher in the sky and craned her neck back until her belly was exposed. The graceful, rhythmic beating of the beast’s wings grew faster and faster until they starting smashing violently against each other. As the Tropius’ wings went berserk, she began to spin around in a small circle. A strong jet of wind hurtled to the stadium field, striking the ground and sucking the venomous needles like a vacuum cleaner.

    “Ophelia is playing clean up crew! Getting the stadium clear for her pokemon to battle the rest of the tournament. Can Mr. Bloodsworth stop this strategic move?”

    Miles looked almost bored as his Mismagius began to hurtle another Shadow Ball to foil the Tropius attempt. But the beast, belly still facing up, remarkably began to fly backward through the air, in a circle around the stadium, the tornado of air still under it. As she continued to fly through the air, the whirlwind became larger picking up more spikes from the stadium floor. The Mismagius tried multiple times to stop the beast’s flight, but guided by Ophelia, the beast managed to dodge the attacks and safely move above the entire stadium floor.

    “Get her!” Ophelia cried as her pokemon began to slow and to look dizzy from the constant spinning and movement.

    The Tropius stopped spinning and directed the smash of her wings towards the ghost pokemon. The tornado of the Toxic Spikes left by the Qwilfish hurtled through the stadium towards the Mismagius, whose eyes and entire body began to glow with an eerie pink aura. A moment before the Whirlwind struck the ghost, she disappeared into the shadows and released a booming Psychic blast that the tornado sucked up, vaporizing the hundreds of Toxic Spikes immediately.

    Finally, the Tropius gently flapped its tired wings and returned to the ground, heaving heavily and scanning the stadium for its still missing opponent. A low cackle whispered through the stadium--Mismagius was still around, but invisible.

    “Tropius, you did a good job. Take a rest.”

    Ophelia recalled her pokemon before the Mismagius could reappear and trap it in the stadium. She still hadn’t managed to land a successful blow on the ghost, but she had the perfect pokemon for the job.

    “Machamp, go!”


    “Oh wow! This is one daring trainer! Sending a fighting type out against a ghost type, this will be an interesting battle to see!”

    Onto the field came Ophelia’s buffest pokemon. A large, bulky fighter, towering at eight feet tall and weighing in at more than three hundred points of pure muscle. He would have looked like almost any human contestant in the Olympic Weightlifting rounds, if it wasn’t for the scaly blue Reptillian skin, and more importantly, the four arms (each with biceps that could curl more than all of Johto’s weightlifters could combined).

    Miles gave a rare smirk While the more easily impressed commentator was surprised by Ophelia’s seemingly daring choice, he could see her rather unoriginal strategy a mile away.

    “Bring that coward from its hiding! Foresight!”

    Machamp’s eyes glowed yellow as he scanned the stadium floor once again. His eyes locked onto an an empty target by the edge of the pool in the center of the field, and he started to charge towards thin air. Right as he came close to the pool, he leaped high into the air, all four arms outstretched and tackled his fleeing, invisible opponent to the ground.

    It was an amusing sight to the spectators as this muscular behemoth struggled on the ground to hold onto thin air, almost like a mime act. Finally, the thin air turned into wisps of black smoke which became a struggling Mismagius returned from hiding. Almost immediately on its return, the Mismagius erupted into a pink aura once again and in a flash of rainbow light Machamp flew off of his opponent and onto the ground.

    “Out of the shadows she comes! Now it’s a battle of big brawn and mysterious power!”

    Mismagius levitated herself from the ground and, panting heavily, glared down the Machamp with disgust. She was annoyed at being struck by what she perceived as nothing more than a simple savage with no real skills other than throwing a fist like a common Geodude. Her eyes began to glow yellow again and a grand golden gem formed in front of her and flew towards the fighter who struggled to his feet.


    With a deafening crack, the Machamp swung only one of his arms, shattering the Power Gem into a million pieces. He grinned at his ghastly opponent who became more annoyed at her failure. She started to glow pink once again as she prepared another Psychic attack, which he couldn't just punch away. With a crack of her head, several large rainbow rings of Psychic energy expelled from her body towards the fighter.

    “Give that sucker a good punching!”

    Miles gritted his teeth at the awful pun. He shared the same disdain for Machamp as his pokemon.

    Machamp leaped in time to avoid the Psychic attack and dove towards ghost who was still bursting with Psychic energy, all four of his fists ablaze with dark energy.


    The first punch struck the Mismagius right in her face.


    The second punch was right in her chest, sending Mismagius hurtling back dozens of feet.

    The Machamp’s fists returned to normal and he started to crack his twenty knuckles, preparing to land another successful blow. The Mismagius rose again, hurt badly and visibly enraged at its lowly foe.

    “Make him regret that he can see you!” Miles bellowed, with a rare showing of emotion.

    Mismagius sunk into the shadows for a brief moment, and all around the field, out of every tiny shadow cast on the field arose a doppelganger. The Machamp now had about a dozen and a half new opponents on the fields, all with the same evil grin plastered on its black face. The stadium became colder with the newly menacing ethereal presence. In the stands, several small children dug their faces into their mothers’ laps.

    “If you are afraid of ghosts, you do not want to be in this stadium right now! One of the most impressive Double Teams I’ve ever seen has left this stadium filled with Mismagius’s each more convincing than the last. Let’s REALLY hope that poor Machamp isn’t scared of ghosts.”

    Ophelia frowned. There was no reason to call her pokemon “poor” as if it was a small child. It was a cheap, showy tactic, ripped apart by nothing short of sheer force.

    “Look for the real one!”

    It was ominous how still each of the Mismagius were as they floated in their spots, with an eerie half-grin and all of their eyes locked on Machamp’s face. Before he could start giving them a close look, he was taken aback by a faint, yet strange noise he heard. He snapped his head behind him trying to find the source of the noise, but it was nowhere to be found. He continued to frantically look for the noise came from, leaving many in the audience confused.

    “Below you, Machamp!” Ophelia cried as she started to hear the same noise.

    The air near his feet started to turn black. The wailing sound became louder. It was like the noise of a powerful wind blowing in a storm. But not a normal wind, the wind that howled like a banshee in agony. The wind that sent shudders down to the deepest deserves of a soul.

    Then, it became oddly quiet. The air all around the stadium field started to become black and sparkly before the wailing noise became unbearably loud. The entire field became blanketed in an Ominous Wind, sparkly black currents that billowed through the field like a hurricane, cloaking the pokemon from sight. The chills went down Ophelia’s spine too, as they grew larger and closer to her command post. She bravely stuck her arm into the black currents, before realizing she felt no wind blowing, it was just air.

    “It’s an illusion Machamp! Attack them!”

    Meanwhile, Miles closed his eyes and inhaled the air like it was a salty sea breeze at a beach.

    For a minute, no one could quite understand what was going on. The battle was blocked from view by the hurricane of ominous wind that bathed the entire field. Any noises were drowned out by the awful banshee-like wails of the wind.

    “I don’t think this wind is even real, folks! Nothing is shaking! The hair on Ophelia and Miles heads isn’t even moving!”

    Finally, it subsided. As the air cleared out, a panting Machamp was seen kicking a Mismagius in the back of the head. It immediately disappeared into a thousand wisps of shadows. Half of the doppelgangers were gone, but the real Mismagius was still at large. Ophelia scanned the field closely before she noticed an odd sheen in one of the Mismagius’ bodies. Ominous Winds could make a pokemon more powerful, but only the real one, of course.

    “The one in the back left! Get her!”


    The eight remaining Mismagius’s became ablaze in a pink aura once again and fired rings of rainbow Psychic energy. The Machamp, before he could identify the real Mismagius, was distracted by the dozens of flashing lights, and tried in vain to dodge and maneuver himself away from the paths of the attacks.


    “It’s a direct hit, folks!”

    The real Psychic attack hit him directly in the chest and he fell to the ground, clutching his chest with two of his six arms. The Mismagiuses began to cackle madly as the true ghost took a moment to recuperate before delivering the final blow. But the sounds of all the cackling woke up a particularly angry spirit inside of Machamp. Oh how hated the sound of that cackle.

    Out of the corner of his eye, he looked to the back left and saw the same glistening Mismagius that his owner had identified. Taking a huge breath of air, he leaped back to his feet and began to charge at the ghost pokemon. The Mismagius immediately stopped cackling and feebly attempted to blast shadow energy at the charging opponent, who just plowed through the attack of toward his enemy.

    “Seismic Toss!”

    Machamp leaped at the ghost and grabbed her neck with two of his arms. The Mismagius writhed madly in his grips as he landed on the ground. Giving her an angry glare, he leaped high into the air and turned around, throwing his opponent onto the field with all of his might.


    As soon as the Mismagius smashed against the ground with an deafening boom, the seven remaining doppelgangers exploded into thousands of wisps of black smoke. Machamp landed back onto the ground and charged at the fallen ghost, four fists ablaze with dark energy once again.

    “It looks like it’s going to be a done deal, folks!”

    “Take him with you!” Miles Bloodsworth cried.

    As Mismagius lay on the ground, her entire body began to glow a low shade of blue. Machamp was going too fast to stop himself and threw himself onto the ghost’s fallen body with his fists outstretched. He was too filled with adrenaline to notice the strange sensation going through his skin as he began to glow blue like his opponent.

    The light faded from both of their bodies, and Machamp rose as the Mismagius gave a groan of defeat. The stadium had gone quiet as everyone looked at the fighting pokemon in fear.

    “Mismagius used Destiny Bond, an attack that brings down a pokemon that knocks the user out! This looks like the end of the line for both pokemon.”

    Machamp took a few steps away from the fallen Mismagius before stopping. His eyes grew wide and he started to clutch his chest again. People in the stadium began to gasp, before they noticed something even more odd.

    The fallen Mismagius began to stir. It naturally levitated back up again, but it was delirious and groggy still looking down at the ground. Machamp turned around with a wicked grin and gave a low whistle. The Mismagius looked up and in a moment of horror realized both she and Machamp were still walking around.


    A nice crisp knock-out blow to the face. One of the most basic of all pokemon moves. The Machamp blew the dust off his knuckles as he watched his ghastly opponent fall backward and faint for real.

    “Mismagius is unable to battle! Machamp is the winner!”

    “In a stunning twist, the Machamp’s blow failed to knock out Mismagius--saving him from the effects of the Destiny Bond attack! What a battle folks!”

    The stadium erupted into cheers at one of the most well-fought battles in the tournament so far as Miles recalled his fallen pokemon. Ophelia grinned. She had trained her Machamp to go soft on what would appear to be the knock-out blow when battling ghost pokemon. She always hated the move Destiny Bond, thinking it was nothing more than cheap, desperate ploy.

    Miles didn’t really expect the Destiny Bond strategy to work against Ophelia. But he figured at the very least, it was worth a shot. The Machamp would be finished soon enough after he sent his next pokemon out.


    “Take flight.”


    The second flying pokemon of the night came forth. A large, dark bird pokemon with red eyes and a grand feathery collar like a white beard. With a crown shaped like a fedora, the Honchkrow looked almost like a crime syndicate boss and glared down Machamp like a schmoe fit for a whacking. Ophelia wanted to give Machamp a good rest; he could come in handy later. But no sooner than when she picked up her pokeball, Miles acted.

    “STOP HIM!”

    Machamp turned around to face the beam of white light that was supposed to bring him back to safety. But in a flash of dark light, the Honchkrow spread out its wings and blazed through the field and struck the fighter at nearly a hundred miles per hour before he could be recalled. Immediately after striking its foe, the Honchkrow, sharply turned up into the sky before making a loop and diving down towards the fallen Machamp with its sharp beak prepared to pierce.

    “Give him hell, Machamp!”

    Still face down in the ground from the Pursuit, Machamp gathered enough energy to swing one of his fists at the bird pokemon right before it struck.


    The Honchkrow gave an agonizing cry as it flew backwards, struck directly in the beak which was now crumpled and off-center. But despite the heavy blow, it still remained in flight and in mid-air, regaining its strength and continuing to flap its wings. As the Machamp struggled to get up, the Honchkrow charged at its opponent once again, wings outstretched and blazing with dark energy.


    Machamp was hit squarely in the back with one of the beast’s wings. He fell to the ground instantly and didn’t get up again.

    “Machamp is unable to battle! Honchkrow is the winner!”

    Ophelia was a little disappointed. Machamp was one of her favorite pokemon, but he had to leave the bout relatively early in the game. Nevertheless, it left a nice nasty mark on its opponent. She looked closely at Honchkrow and then at Miles. She suddenly got a crazy idea.

    “Talk about starting with a bang! Ophelia’s attempt to recall her pokemon was thwarted by a well-placed Pursuit attack, but Machamp didn’t go out without leaving the Honchkrow a nice broken beak! Now we wait to see what pokemon Ophelia will call next.”

    Ophelia grabbed the second poke ball from her belt and recalled Tropius. But before Tropius could even materialize, she reached for her microphone, heart beating madly for what she was about to say.

    “Miles Bloodsworth, I challenge you to an Aerial battle!”
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