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    Am I the only one who keeps thinking of the Street Fighter character when they read "Cammy"? :v

    Also, I gots an SU. :3

    Name: Nicole "Mimi" Caine

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Nationality: American

    Character: Samus Aran (Power Suit/Original)

    Differences: Mimi's costume is one of the most difficult to make well, but bands have always been known for going all out, and this was no different. Because her performances in her local community, along with the rest of her band, were often done for charity, they were able to make a fundraiser for her cosplay. With the raised money, they hired somebody who would know what they were doing and created the "power suit" out of leather, colored with metallic paint with a few LEDs wired through and a simple cooling system so she won't get a heat stroke.

    To have more room to breathe, there is an attachment to the side of the suit for Mimi to attach the helmet too. Her hair is naturally blonde, but the tips of her bangs and the rest of her hair are dyed pink. To make the lengthy locks, that she refuses to cut fit, into the helmet, it has been put into a ponytail that sticks out of the power suit's helmet. There were wishes, from Mimi, to change the arm cannon into a guitar, but she eventually settled for just having her nickname inscribed on it.

    Roleplay Sample: A dull pain ran through each of Mimi's muscles, like the flat of a knife being dragged across wood. It was a feeling normally reserved for waking up after a particularly exhausting gig, when she'd been dancing across the stage while her fingers danced across the strings in a way that left them stuck in that shape for a few days. Although the young woman could feel a ground beneath her back, there was a numb barrier between her and it.

    She let out a groan as she tried to wriggle her fingers, and was surprised to find that her throat wasn't destroyed by a night of singing, but one of her hands felt restricted, as though it had been stuck in a long tube. Worry struck next, because her last memories weren't anything like what they should have been, if this was just a hangover; they were clear, instead of blurs that passed through a haze of running water. The thing that stopped her arms from moving were bindings of some sort; not exhaustion.

    Just as the young woman was about to scream in frustration, there was a clicking of straps immediately beside her, followed by the removal of the helmet that had given her gaze a tint. Standing over her, holding a suspiciously similar helmet, was a jagged, scaled face whose eyes seemed to look into hers with a mixture of curiosity and pity. Its equivalent of lips pulled back as if to speak, revealing the rows of wicked teeth beneath. So the young woman screamed.

    "Hush." The feminine voice rasped to the terrified captive, as she placed the helmet on warm sand and knelt briefly. Mimi feared what this creature would do next, as she brandished a sharp claw that hovered over Mimi's body, before slicing through the ropes that restrained her movement. "This beach is the only safe place, for now, but it will no longer be if you continue screaming. I have little time, but know that monsters lurk this island; not necessarily in flesh, but their minds are such."

    With the freedom of being helmet-less, Mimi took the chance to get a closer look at the draconic woman who now stood over in a strange mimicry of glory. Her scales were bathed in soft ivory that seemed to glow in the sun's embrace, and covered her body from crested head to claws toe. With them came a pair of golden wings that were folded behind the woman's back. Mimi had seen enough imagery of heaven and hell to notice that this woman resembled the atypical angel.

    "My name is Camelia, and this is my brother's island; it was he who filled it with eldritch beings. Allow me to return the favor." Before Mimi could protest or utter anything, Cammy's fingers drifted in the air, and there was a sudden pressure inside the costume Mimi had been wearing since first arriving at the convention, before she'd blacked out. The plates of her suit seemed to reach out to her skin like a grabby lover. "If you know your character, all will be clear, soon." She spoke soothingly.

    Mimi's snarky thoughts that she obviously knew the character she spent so much money to dress up as were taken away, as the suit's claws worked its way through her biology like blood through her very veins. As she tried to get to her feet, past the pains of bonding, she felt her mind adjusting along with the rest of her body to accommodate the changes that this magic was forcing onto her. Time passed slowly for just a moment before her helmet re-materialized, and the teen regained control of her body. Standing on the sand, Mimi felt far more stable than usual.

    As Mimi attempted to regain her composure, Camelia looked over her approvingly and gave a sharp nod. "I trust you know what to do next; welcome to Augustine island." With those brief parting words, the strange woman leaped into the air and, with a push of her majestic wings, dashed off along the bank of golden sand. Inside Mimi's HUD, the computer that bonded with her tracked the dragon until she was too far away to identify. And, for the first time since she could remember, Mimi felt alone.

    Of course, she realized that she'd gained the abilities of Samus. The energy that coursed through her limbs, the strange feeling of balance even though she was merely standing, and the low humming of the cannon on her arm let the young woman know all of this. What to do with it, she couldn't say. What this island represented, she didn't know either. But, there were meant to be monsters. That's what Camelia had told her, and if Mimi had anything, it was the urge to ruin somebody's day.

    With a glance across the island she could see, Mimi stalked towards where the river met the forest. Those trees would be ideal for hit and run with her new flexibility....