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Name: Kamui Ozora

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Nationality: American

Character: Pit

Differences: Let's start this off! Kamui does have short hair, but instead of brown, it's black. His hair doesn't have many tufts like Pit, but it looks decent. He does not wear a gold laurel crown. He wears a chiton like Pit, only it's gold, like one of Pit's alternate costumes, decorating red & gold hems on the bottom. On his back are paper machete wings. They look almost real. Around his wrists are bronze & gold cuffs. His eyes, instead of blue, are green. Calming color, right? He wears a brown belt with silver edges & a gold, triangular buckle on his waist. Underneith his chiton are not navy blue tights. No tights! Just shorts that look like tights, but they're not. Kamui has brown boots instead of sandals, with white fur of wool around the hem at the top. He is slightly taller than Pit, & sports a mockingjay pin near his heart. The plastic bow he has looks like the Palutena Bow. He has no arrows. He couldn't acquire that of which looked similar to the Mirror Shield; instead, a small mirror. Did I mention he has a little mole under his right eye?

Roleplay Sample: Imagine everything you see is all black, with no light anywhere, you feel nothing, & no sound his heard. Now imagine yourself on a beach later with all that included.

Strange, right?

It gets stranger for Kamui. He layed flat on the sand, peacefully unconscious when the water from the shore awakens him. His eyes slowly begin to open, but then immediately sprang up to his feet. Where was he? What waas he doing here? He found that he was at a beach, looking all cherubic as he fixed his outfit. His boots could use some cleaning. Still in his Pit costume, huh. But, why was he on an island? He remembered a dark figure, dark inside & out. First question though: where the heck is he?! "Why am I t a beach? Is this another event?"

Despite his age, Kamui was a little childish inside. People would be advised not to get on his bad side, lest he turns silent on that person. Enough about him right now. This beach, it looked peaceful. How did he get here again? That would be answered when a white light shined from up above. Kamui looked up. His first thought was amazement, but he was then a tiny bit scared when he saw a white dragon. "Meep," he said silently.

"Do not be alarmed," said the white dragon. "My name is Camella. Do you know why you are here?"

Is this a Nintendo event? Kamui first thought. "An event!" he cheered.

"I'm afraid not. This is Augustine Island. My brother, Insane, kidnapped you & other humans to this island. However, you & a couple of the humans broke free, which is how you have come here at this spot," Camella explained. Kamui nodded, thinking this was part of the event. "My brother is evil, & has taken control of this island. He is planning something drastic, & I need your help."

"Oh, sweet. What do I have to do?"

"First, I will grant you the powers of your character." To the what now? Kamui didn't get this part of the event. Camella shined a light at Kamui. In an instant, he felt a bit heavy. How was that possible? He took out his plastic bow, & it wasn't plastic! It was the real deal, the Palutena Bow! Was there two halo rings around his left wrist? There was! What about his mirror? He took out the small mirror.

It wasn't so small anymore.

It was the actual Mirror Shield! He seemed to have some of Pit's powers, even his wings felt real. Kamui realized something: This was no joke. "Meep." This was all real. Camella was real, & she seemed good. If she wasn't good, Kamui would totally be frightened.

"I will go look for the others. Until then, keep your distance from Insane & his underlings," Camella carefully explained as she disappeared from Kamui. Kamui felt a bit frightened by all this, but excited at the same time. What could he do first? Something important...

With the Palutena Bow, he shot an Arrow of Light at the ocean. He actually had Arrows of Light! "Awesome!" Where could he go right now? To the forest, & more arrows to shoot!


So when do we start? Any comments about my character in the Roleplay Sample? :3 I also see some posts where I'm mentioned. O.o Sorry for the wait.

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