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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Oak Town

    The light meal Lucia was having with Eric wasn't really that special, but what did she expect when they went to a low class restaurant after all? She didn't hate these kinds of restaurants necessarily. She would buy fast food from them whenever she was downtown at Saffron it was just that... well... it wasn't like a Thanksgiving dinner back at home. She remembered when her mom and dad would have the Chefs and their fire type pokemon cook to perfection a nice big Miltank Steak. They would sit by their fireplace that was right next to the television and start watching the Christmas specials that would start to air around that time. Mom and dad had always made sure to stay free during the holidays, though there were times where it would happen and they had to go off to work. Still, it felt cozy in the house. Sitting on a chair with a piece of beef before her wasn't bringing back that same happy feeling.

    Lucia ate of course. She was hungry after all, though it was apparent that she was only doing so because Eric was there with her. Once the two finished Eric of course paid the bill and they walked out. "Hey, Lucy, you didn't speak during that whole meal. Was it that good?"

    Lucia sighed, "No. It's... it's not the same. I thought at least here at school mom and dad would be visiting for the holidays you know? Or at least come over to pick me up for something special back home."

    Eric smirked, "Lucy, it's going to be better during Christmas, I promise. Mom and dad are already making plans! Trust me on that."

    Lucia nodded her head weakly, "Oh... I forgot. Mark! I was going to let you meet him! Hold on, let me text him real quick."

    Lucia found the number Mark gave her and quickly typed out a message to him:

    Hey Mark! My brother is here. Didn't know if you wanted to meet him? He's a nice guy and he wants to know about who I am hanging out with.

    Lucia put the device away after that. "Well, he'll be getting the message soon. I think he's still at the Academy." Lucia couldn't wait to introduce her new friend to Eric! At least it would put any fears in her parents' minds about her meeting strange children here away. That was their main lecture the entire week before she left after all!

    Roberto meanwhile gritted his teeth at the mention of the boys' name. Abdacus noticed and turned to the other Scizor, "Something bothering you Roberto?"

    He nodded, "Indeed. If Mark does come... well, you'll find out once he does. Let's just say he has a cretin following him around wherever he goes. The small one is like a pox."
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