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Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
There have been more similarities in B2W2 to RSE than BW, with the introduction as Marlon taking the 8th gym leader spot being a Water type and Iris being the new champion which could be seen as a similar role to Wallace, Plasma splitting into two villainous teams (Aqua & Magma) etc. These could easily be coincidences and they could just as easily be references but for the time being, we won't know until next year I'd guess.. that's when we will find out what their next move is in terms of Gen VI, Remakes or a completely new game.
Now that I think of it, in R/S (not E), you and Magma/Aqua were kinda like allies trying to stop Aqua/Magma.

In BW2, you were somehow "allies" with the knight Plasma, who were trying to stop the dark ones.