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    [quote=siiadams] Name: Shawn Adams

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Nationality: American

    Character: Captain Falcon

    Differences: Shawn is only 6' tall, so he may seem shorter than the real Falcon. He also has to wear glasses, but his visor seems to hide them. His helmet was painted red with a golden, crudely-painted falcon on the sides. It was modified from a real motorcycle helmet, spending hours making sure the visor was just right. He wears a dark blue jumpsuit with another painted falcon on the front. His body structure isn't ripped like Falcon, but he's not fat, more like lean and flat. Shawn will have black hair and green eyes when not wearing the helmet.

    Roleplay Sample: Shawn woke up in a daze. He didn't remember much: he was on his way to a Nintendo event (his first ever!) and was so excited, until everything went black. He remembered someone grabbing him and dragging him away, but a white light engulfed his body, causing him to fall into a deep sleep. Now, as he started to get up, he realized he wasn't where he thought he was.

    He woke up in a forest clearing, still in his costume: Captain Falcon. As he looked around, he felt someone behind him. He spun quickly around, seeing a beautiful white dragon in front of him. His first instinct was to run, but her demeanor seemed different...almost caring...Was he dreaming?

    "Hello, Shawn." the dragon spoke to him with a hauntingly melodic voice, "You can call me Cammy. I'm glad to see you're not hurt."

    Shawn was very confused. "Hurt?" he asked, showing his confusion on his face, "Who would want to hurt me? And why? I've done nothing wrong."

    Cammy almost seemed to smile at his questions, "Allow me to explain: There is another like me, but he is dark, both in coloring and in personality. He is my brother, Insane. He has taken control of this island, where you and many other humans were captive. You and some others were able to break free, but he has the advantage, in numbers as well as...what you call, homefield advantage. However, with my help, you and the others can stop him."

    Shawn was trying to process all this. "So there are others captured and a few others that can free them? And I am one of those that can free them? How?" It seemed impossible for him alone to deal with this menace, especially if Insane is as powerful as Cammy seemed to be. "How do you expect me to handle this?"

    Cammy opened her mouth, letting out a red flame towards Shawn. He braced for the pain, for the fire to sear his skin. But he felt nothing! He opened his eyes to see the flames all around him, covering his body, and felt nothing but comfort. Soon the flames disappeared and he felt different. He felt...stronger.

    Cammy explained, "I have imbued you with the abilities and power of your costume. You are now Captain Falcon!" Shawn looked down to see the painted falcon on his chest was perfectly made, but he shook his head in disbelief. "This is impossible. It must be a dream!" he cried.

    "Do you doubt yourself?" Cammy asked. "You may see your powers for yourself." As she said that, her form disappeared as a group of small creatures waddled out of hiding behind him. Shawn turned to face these creatures...waddle dees. He recognized them from one of his favorite games. He wondered if he could...

    Suddenly, one charged at him. Without thinking, Shawn crouched and cocked his fist back. He felt the fire flowing through his fist, feeling the power growing. When the foe got closer, Shawn lunged forward with his fist, connecting with the waddle dee, causing him to fly back. "The Falcon Punch!" Shawn cried with excitement. He really did it! Now he felt ready. He taunted the group, calling out "Show me your moves!"

    More came at him, but Shawn was ready. He ran at them and unleashed his Falcon Kick attack, knocking more out and away from him. He saw one out of the corner of his eye jump at him. Shawn rushed at him with a fiery uppercut, knocking him up high in the air. Shawn jumped at him, grabbing the creature in mid-air. He concentrated and did a backflip off the waddle dee, unleashing an explosion that knocked it into the sky and never seen again. Shawn, looking at what he did, couldn't believe it. He really fought like Falcon!

    He looked around, looking for the dragon that gave him his gift, but was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he had offended her by what he said. Shawn made a mental note to apologize to her next time he saw Cammy, if he ever saw her again, and stood in the clearing all alone, thinking about his next move.

    (Is this better? Let me know if you need anything else.)

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