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Yuri stood up and shook her head. "I can't find her..." She frowned. Molly looked around. "Just focus, Yuri..." Yuri walked around and smelled the ground. "I might have her..." She ran off deeper into the forest. Lumina smiled. "Holly!" She hopped after the puppy. Molly shook her head. "Holly isn't here... But if Kayla did come here, then Holly wouldn't let her come here alone..." She frowned and chased after the two pokemon.

Rosemary stopped running, making Primrose trip over her. "What's wrong, Rose?" Rosemary smiled. "I smell candy! And where candy is, that's where Kayla is!" Primrose frowned. "That makes no sense..." She shrugged. "Oh well... I guess we can trust you." Rosemary ran deeper into the forest. "Trust me," she said.

Holly sighed and leaned against the tree. "This is ridiculous... We can't just sit here and do nothing!" She glared at Kayla. She looked down at Daisy's pokeball. "At least I know you're safe," she whispered. Kayla looked down at Jasmine's pokeball and gasped when the Tepig popped out. "That's not good," Kayla muttered, watching her pokemon snort out fire. "That means someone's coming." Holly gasped. "Or something..."
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