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Originally Posted by chella182 View Post
Maybe there are new gym leaders in each region now? Like BW2 takes place after all of the other games I assume, so perhaps there are new gym leaders in the other 4 regions, and the ones that are in PWT are just there because they're the ones we know?

I don't know, probably a lot of flaws in that theory haha. Just a thought.
Yes, Sure it's possible if you look it that way in the 2 years Unova got 3 or 4 gym leaders changed and we don't know how much time there is between all generations so it may be possible

Also, where are Ethan/Lyra,Landon/May,Lucas/Dawn and most important Hilbert/Lyra? Those listed players have beaten atleast 9 of all the contestants in the PWT... They are Champions too! (This is yet another reason why I never feel like a Champion after defeating the champ and the E4). The main characters are all Champions but they never get credit for it, maybe cause they don't have a official team but they can just pick the teams they have in the manga... Gamefreak logic

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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